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What types of jobs or volunteer work require fingerprint clearance cards?

The following jobs or activities require a fingerprint clearance card. (Some of the activities require a Level I fingerprint clearance card. For more information, see the section on the difference between Level I and standard fingerprint clearance cards.)

**Please note that the Legislature periodically adds new programs to the fingerprint-clearance-card system, so this list may not be complete. Also, this list does not include programs that the Legislature may or will be adding to the fingerprint-clearance-card system but which have not yet been approved by the Legislature.

  • Adoption (through the Department of Economic Security)
  • Alarm Agent and Controlling Person Certification
  • Appraisal Licensure or Certification
  • Assisted-living-facility managers
  • Board of Dental Examiners (Dentist Licensure, Dental Hygienist Licensure, Dental Therapist Licensure, and Denturist Certification)
  • Board of Fingerprinting members and employees
  • Charter school employment
  • Child care home provider
  • Child day care
  • Child nutrition program
  • Child Protective Services employment
  • Child welfare and adolescent behavioral health treatment
  • Contractors, subcontractors, or vendors (including employees) for public or charter schools Department of Economic Security employment (non-Child Protective Services)
  • Developmental disabilities (work with individuals with developmental disabilities)
  • DES - Employee or Contractor with access to Federal Tax Information
  • Domestic-violence-shelter employment
  • Exceptional student services program
  • Foster home licensure (through the Department of Economic Security)
  • Health-science students and clinical assistants
  • Hemp License
  • Home Inspector Certification
  • Home-health-agency employment
  • Homeless-shelter employment
  • JOBS/WIA programs
  • Nursing-care-institution administrators
  • Pharmacist and Pharmacy Intern Licensure
  • Physical Therapist and Physical Therapy Assistants Licensure
  • Real-estate licensure
  • Residential- or nursing-care-institution employment
  • School Bus Drivers
  • Teacher certification
  • Volunteer foster grandparent program

In addition, Arizona nursing schools may require a fingerprint clearance card. The clinical work you must complete as part of the nursing degree may include activity that requires a fingerprint clearance card. However, please note that the fingerprint clearance card is separate from the fingerprinting requirements that you must meet as part of your application to be certified nursing assistant or a registered nurse. You may be required to submit to an investigation by the Arizona Board of Nursing, and a fingerprint clearance card is not a guarantee that you will be granted certification or licensure from the Board of Nursing.